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HingX is a community-driven platform that brings together reusable tools, guidelines, and personal experience in an accessible and user-friendly atmosphere. It facilitates the productive exchange of such material in a way that propels the development of health information technology. 

Whether by a keyword search, a filtered inquiry, or a general browse of the many Resources, HingX users will find the useful, relevant information and people that they are looking for. In addition to its social Community features, HingX can be used to acquire valuable policy reviews, software architecture, and extensive reports on Health IT. Users will find that making connections, finding valuable material, and navigating Hingx is easy and achievable. 

AeHIN Hingx website features technical artefacts ready for reuse, categorized in different health domains ranging from topics like standards, interoperability, data exchange to policy briefs and case studies useful for replication in country context. 

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Additional resources

Analysis of networks

/portals/0/Images/Analysis of nets Screen.pngThis document shows how various networks presented in the December 2011 AeHIN Workshop could possibly support the formulation of the Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN). Each network is analyzed based on how it can contribute to the following working groups: capacity building, standards and interoperability, enterprise architecture, and compliance.  

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Contact Information

AeHIN Chair

Dr Boonchai Kijsanayotin
Health System Research Institute
National Health Building
88/39 Tiwanon 14 Road, 
Muang District
Nonthaburi, Thailand

AeHIN Executive Director

Dr Alvin Marcelo
Medical Informatics Unit
University of the Philippines Manila
547 Pedro Gil St., Ermita
Manila, Philippines

AeHIN Secretariat-Manila

Ms Kristin Chloe Pascual,
Ms Charisse Orjalo


AeHIN with the interlocking hexagons is the trademark of the Asia eHealth Information Network Limited, a not-for-profit organization registered in Hong Kong and operating in the Asia-Pacific