Conference on Measurement and Accountability for Universal Health Care Coverage in the Asia Pacific

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AeHIN Meeting and #MA4HealthAP Workshop Objectives

  • Review current evidence on cost, benefit and impact of ICT-enabled solutions in health systems from person-based applications for service delivery to better measurement and accountability of health, and faster progress towards UHC and SDGs
  • Initiate development of an M&E systems investment plan by operationalizing the Country Roadmap for Health Measurement and Accountability in accordance with the MA4Health 5-Point Call to Action and iCTen! recommendation
  • Share, learn, and prepare to implement capacity building strategies, standardized processes, tools and techniques, and ready-to-use IT solutions towards achieving UHC
  • Endorse the AeHIN Regional Enterprise Architecture Council for Health (REACH) and Community of Interoperability Labs (COIL)
Profile of Participants

Over 250 representatives from 20+ countries in Asia and the Pacific and development partners consisting of:

  • Key government officials involved in planning, financing or regulating social health
  • protection (Health, Social Welfare, Finance, Planning, ICT Ministries)
  • Social Health Insurance Agencies
  • Academic institutions (health informatics, health financing)
  • Multilateral technical agencies and donors

Major Conference Outcomes

  • AeHIN formal response to the MA4Health Call to Action to support transitioning from MDGs to SDGs and national UHC agendas
  • Country commitments made towards strengthening M&E systems, HIS, CRVS, and e-Health in line with the iCTen, Call to Action, and Country Roadmap for Measurement  & Accountability
  • Launch of REACH, COIL, and AeHIN GIS lab
  • Initiation of e-Health evaluation, RHIS, and DHIS2 focus groups
  • Identification of HIS/e-Health capacity building priorities for AeHIN and partners to support in 2016
  • AeHIN MoUs with other networks, PHIN  (Pacific) and ANDH (Africa)
  • 87% of participants rated the conference ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ and the remaining 13% rated it ‘good’

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Conference Proceedings

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