AeHIN Hour 2017

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73rd AeHIN Hour - Strengthening RHIS through Regional Networks

74th AeHIN Hour - Intelligent Scan System

75th AeHIN Hour - Health Worker Directories and Registries

76th AeHIN Hour - Optimizing use of EHR data for quality improvement and research

77th AeHIN Hour - Assessing and Improving Routine Health Information Systems: RHIS assessment tools and methods

78th AeHIN Hour - Introduction to OpenHIE Implementers Network

79th AeHIN Hour - Consultation on Draft Policy for Data Use and Data Sharing by WHO

80th AeHIN Hour - How to Start OpenHIE Implementation in your Country

81st AeHIN Hour - Digital Transformation in Health Sector

82nd AeHIN Hour - Introduction to the OpenHIE Interoperability Layer and OpenHIM

83rd AeHIN Hour - Expanding Access to Cervical Cancer Screening

84th AeHIN Hour - ESB Benchmarking

85th AeHIN Hour - Digital Health: A call for Government Leadership and Cooperation between ICT & Health

86th AeHIN Hour - Requirements and Architecture for a National Health Information Exchange Using OpenHIE

87th AeHIN Hour - mHealth for Visiting Health Systems in Mongolia

88th AeHIN Hour Performance Testing of an ESB

89th AeHIN HourAeHIN Health IT Collaboration Workshops

90th AeHIN Hour SAIL Databank: A national e-research for Wales, UK

91st AeHIN Hour Aggregate Data eXchange (ADX) Profile Overview


92nd AeHIN Hour - Health Worker Registries and OpenInfoMan - An Overview

93rd AeHIN Hour - HIS Strengthening Resource Center: Centralizing Evidence

94th AeHIN Hour - The African Health Information Exchange Project

95th AeHIN Hour - OHIE Terminology Services

96th AeHIN Hour - District Assessment Tool for Anemia: A Multisectoral and Innovative Tool to Address Anemia in the District level

97th AeHIN Hour - Beyond Scale: How to make your digital development program sustainable

98th AeHIN Hour - Facility Registry

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About the AeHIN Hour

AeHIN Hour is Asia eHealth Information Network's online learning and sharing sessions participated by member countries. It allows members to share and explore ways on how eHealth, HIS, and CRVS implementations could be improved in the region. 

Quite an informal session, a speaker lead on discussing a topic requested by members. Participants, from time to time, ask questions to the speaker. Session runs in Cisco Webex Meeting Center.

Local AeHIN Hour for countries are also being organized to address specific topic requests from countries.