AeHIN GIS Lab - Embedding GIS technology into good data management practices

For Ministries of Health in Asia and the Pacific to capitalize on the power of geography and GIS, guidance and support to geo-enable their health information system are invaluable. With this in mind, ADB and WHO in collaboration with the Asia eHealth Information Network (AeHIN) and private sector partners, have established a GIS Laboratory for the Asia and the Pacific.

The AeHIN GIS lab’s remit is to enable countries to:

  • learn to embed GIS technology into good data management practices;
  • receive support to geoenable their health information system;
  • access an extended network of knowledge, skills, and expertise;
  • find solutions to the geospatial information and services problems they are facing;
  • develop their health geography/GIS curriculum;
  • test the tools they are developing and ensure they are interoperable with others;
  • benefit from public–private partnership aiming at facilitating access to GIS technology; and
  • learn from other countries’ experiences and best practice.

As countries progress in geo-enabling their health information system, the benefits to the health sector and the population accrue, from long-term capacity building and health systems strengthening, to improved geographically based decision making, and ultimately a more systematic approach to grappling with otherwise intractable public health challenges

The policy brief on the right will give you more information about the GIS Lab and how it plans to support Universal Health Coverage (UHC) through the geo-enabling of countries' health information system.

Please also visit the AeHIN GIS Lab Resource page to learn more about the capacity building resources and opportunities offered to AeHIN Member countries.